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Country: United States

Gallagher Engineering, through many years of involvement in the directional drilling industry is recognised as Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of directional drilling machines. Our machines are also recognised world wide for their superior finish and quality workmanship. Gallagher Engineering is a family owned and operated business since 1994. Terry , Richard & Lenny co-own Gallagher Engineering . Terry has 40 years experience as a boilermaker/welder and Richard, 20 years as a qualified fitter/machinist, bringing extensive experience in the drilling industry to the company. Richard completed his apprenticeship with Pasminco Metals EZ Risdon, part of the Pasminco Group. For two years Gallagher Engineering operated Gallagher Drilling which was involved in directional drilling for communication work. This has given them valuable on-site experience which has contributed greatly to the construction of the highest quality HDD’s in Australia today. Gallagher Engineering are the only company in Australia today who possess the experience, design capabilities and talent to construct the most efficient, the most powerful and for the end user the most productive machines where trenchless technology is needed. Gallagher Engineering currently have on the drawing board a Vertical drilling rig 300,000 lbs. Richard and Terry & Lenny are keen to be an integral part of their client’s on-going success and welcome the opportunity to adapt their innovative solutions and design talents to their client’s challenges.
Country: Australia